Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

A Must-Have List Of Supplies You Need To Build A Wood Deck

Ruben Franklin

If one of your summer projects is to build a new wood deck, you are not alone. Decks are always a popular summer project and homeowners are always excited to get started building and to see the finished project. Gathering the essential deck-building supplies prior to getting started will help the project go smoothly.

Selecting the right wood

Choosing the right wood for your deck can feel overwhelming with all the varieties available. Redwood, cedar, pine, and fir are the most common woods for decks and will vary in price. You should consider the climate when choosing wood for your deck.

If your area gets a lot of rain, you will want to select premium woods that are moisture-resistant and durable, such as redwood and cedar. The main difference between the two kinds of wood is their color. In areas where high moisture levels are not a problem, you can select pine and fir, which are still durable choices but may be less expensive than redwood and cedar.

Measuring devices

Accurate measuring is crucial when deck building. You will need a sturdy tape measure and chalk lines to obtain proper measurements. You will also need framing squares, speed squares, and levels to use when constructing your deck.

General tools

You will need a few general pipe and squeeze clamps to hold your deck boards secure when driving in fasteners. A flat pry bar is helpful for pulling boards together when building a deck. An adjustable wrench and locking pliers are also two tools you will use often. 

Cutting tools

Saws are essential for cutting boards when building a deck. You will use a circular saw for most of your cutting needs. It is helpful to have a jigsaw on hand for making curved cuts and for working in tight spaces.

Fastening tools

You will need sturdy and durable screws, nails, and bolts in a variety of sizes. A power nail gun will save you a lot of time when nailing boards down. Purchase a nail gun with a high-powered compressor to make the job go even faster.

Building a deck is not difficult when you have the right tools and supplies on hand before you begin your project. Taking the time to gather the necessary supplies allows you to work uninterrupted without making additional trips to the store for items you forgot. Having decking supplies on hand will make the job go faster and you can enjoy your new deck sooner rather than later.


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Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

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