Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

The Best Outdoor Furniture Options For Apartment Living

Ruben Franklin

Living in an apartment shouldn't keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. Whether you have a small patio on the ground floor or a small balcony up above, you deserve to enjoy it. If you are having trouble trying to figure out how to furnish your small apartment space, here are some ideas that will work for any outdoor apartment patio or balcony.

Table & Chairs

If you like to sit outside and have your coffee or lunch, you need to add a table and chairs to your space. The best way to do this is with a bistro set. A bistro set consists of a small, usually round, table and a set of two chairs. Many bistro sets come with tall table and bar stool-type chairs. However, there are plenty of options for smaller sets if you don't like to sit higher than normal. Bistro chairs can come in many different forms to match your personal style and comfort.

You can also buy small end tables for your porch or balcony. Small end tables placed on either side will hold flowers, food, or anything else that you want outside with you. Next to your end tables, you can stock up on some stackable chairs. If you have space for a few chairs for you friends and family to sit with you, but you don't want them taking up space all of the time, you can stack them on the side, and set them out whenever you go outside.

Conversion chairs are another great way to take advantage of the small space. These types of chairs often come in wicker form. They convert from a regular chair you can sit in to a lounge chair. The bottom part has a piece that pulls out from under the chair. The pull-out piece is padded like the seat, and gives an added place for your legs if you want to put them up and relax. Simply push it back under the seat when you're finished and viola! You are saving space.


Storage furniture is important for small, outdoor spaces. It gives you a place to store belongings without adding extra furniture to do the job. One popular type of storage furniture is a storage ottoman. The padded top doubles as a lid. You can pull it off and put any small items you want to keep outside in your ottoman.

Small storage tables do the job too. You can buy a table that has shelves around the base. You'll be able to keep books, condiments, or anything else that might come in handy on the shelves to store outside. If you have a small child who likes to play with toys at the table, you can put some storage baskets on the shelves. Your child can keep the toys in the baskets and you wont have to haul them in and out, or find them scattered all over your deck or balcony.


Your probably assume that just because your space is small, you can't have a patio umbrella. Lucky for you, that isn't true. There are patio umbrellas specially made for small spaces. These small space/half umbrellas are flat on one side so they can be propped up against the side of your home and fit just like a puzzle. It's like having an awning come out from your home, but with the convenience of just standing an umbrella up.

Of course, if you want something more permanent, an actual awning is a wonderful space saver that gives you the shade you desire.

You are not doomed to a furniture-less outdoor space just because you don't have a lot of room at your apartment. There is a lot of great furniture specifically for small outdoor spaces. A bistro set, stackable chairs, and storage furniture are all great options for your apartment deck or balcony. For more information, contact a company like Modern Home 2 Go.


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