Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

How To Deal With Pest Control Using Preventative Services

Ruben Franklin

There are a couple of ways to use pest control services. You may prefer to just call an exterminator when you see an infestation of roaches or other bugs, and not get any other routine preventative treatments. On the other hand, you may want scheduled treatments throughout the year so you can prevent infestations from happening in the first place.

Prevention is often the best way to deal with pests. Here's a look at having scheduled pest control services and other preventative measures you might take to keep pests out of your house.

Scheduled Treatments Help Prevent Pest Problems

Your pest control company will talk to you about the best schedule for your treatments. Sometimes monthly is best, and other times you might stretch them out to quarterly visits. Your local climate makes a difference since bugs are often worse in hot and humid areas.

The scheduled treatments are for preventative measures. If you have an infestation, you might need to call for additional visits. In addition to receiving pest control treatments during your scheduled visits, the exterminator can look for signs of an infestation, so you'll have someone watching out for pest problems on your property too.

Prevention Can Be Used For A Number Of Pests

Preventative pest control might be used for termites, general bugs such as roaches, ants, and even rodents. The pest control service might set out monitoring stations or bait so they can tell when pests have been around.

Some pests, such as bed bugs, may not respond as well to preventative treatments, and these pests will need more aggressive pest control once they've entered your home.

Exclusion Is A Form Of Preventative Pest Control

There's another type of preventative pest control besides using pesticides, and that's exclusion. Exclusion involves sealing up cracks around your foundation, siding, windows, and doors so pests like rodents and spiders can't get inside.

Your pest control service may provide exclusion treatments, but if they don't, you'll want to seal around your home yourself since it could make a difference in pest control.

Habitat Control Is Important Too

Your pest control professional might give you tips on controlling the environment on your property to make it less appealing to pests. This might include things like keeping your grass trimmed, decluttering your yard and house, sealing food, and repairing water leaks.

By eliminating food and water sources and making the environment less friendly to pests, you reduce the risk of an infestation, especially when you're getting scheduled preventative treatments too.


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