Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Details To Go Over Before You Buy An Antique Dresser

Ruben Franklin

If you love the look of antique furniture, a local furniture store that specializes in all sorts of antiques can be a fun place to visit. These retailers often have a number of antique dressers for sale, which can be ideal if you're seeking to add this type of furniture to your bedroom. The condition of antique furniture can vary from piece to piece, so it's important to be confident in your dresser before you move forward with its purchase. Here are some details to go over before you buy the antique dresser.

Condition Of The Finish

Antiques often have worn finish, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some degree of wear in the finish can be endearing, but you'll want to carefully look at the entire surface of the dresser to ensure that its condition is suitable for you. For example, the outer edges and the surface of the dresser may have areas in which the wood is worn as a result of years of use. While some people refinish antique furniture after buying it, others leave it as-is. If you'll be taking the latter approach, you want to be happy with the condition of the finish.

Operation Of The Drawers

Furniture hardware has definitely improved over the years, so you might notice that the drawers of certain antique dressers don't slide in and out quite as smoothly as those of a newer dresser. It's OK if you need to use a little more muscle to operate the dresser's drawers, but you want to be comfortable with this before you buy the piece of furniture. Take a moment to open and close each of the drawers repeatedly. You should be able to get them all the way in and all the way out with a fair degree of ease. This suggests that even though the dresser is old, it was built well.

Functionality Of Locks

Many antique dressers have one or more drawers that are secured by a small, built-in lock. If you can't open a drawer, ask the sales representative if he or she has the key. It's entirely possible that the store keeps the keys to its antique furniture pieces in a secure location so that they don't get lost. If the key isn't present, you don't have to immediately disregard the dresser. Provided that you can still operate the drawer in question — which will be the case if the lock is in the "open" position — the lock will simply be a nice visual feature that adds charm to the look of the dresser.

Remember these tips next time you go shopping for antique bedroom furniture


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