Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Tips For Choosing A Real Christmas Tree For The Holidays

Ruben Franklin

Putting up an artificial Christmas tree may be quicker and more convenient, but there's nothing like the beauty and aroma of a real tree for the holidays. Plus, visiting the Christmas tree lot, picking out the tree, getting it home, and then decorating it can become a cherished family tradition your kids will remember in adulthood. If you're used to having an artificial tree, consider trying a real tree to understand what makes them so special. Here are some tips for picking out the right tree.

Measure Your Room Before You Go

Measure the room before you head to the tree lot. You need to know the ceiling height and the available width in the room. You don't want to buy a tree that is too big, so decide on the dimensions before you start looking. You'll also want to make sure the size you pick out will fit in your vehicle. Also, take the necessary equipment for keeping the tree secure while you're on the road.

Decide If You Want A Living Tree

If you own a large lot and you plan to stay there for many years, then you may want to buy a living tree and plant it outdoors when Christmas is over. The tree will grow along with your kids, and they'll have fun remembering past Christmas holidays when they look at the trees in the future. A living tree is a lot more work, and they're more expensive. However, if you'd like to add trees to your property anyway, a living tree could be a good idea. You can buy them planted in pots or with the root balls wrapped in burlap. A living tree can't stay indoors too long, so you'll have to leave it outside until close to Christmas and then take it back outside within a few days of the Christmas festivities. If the ground is too frozen to dig a hole for the tree, you can leave it in the pot outdoors until the weather warms up.

Buy A Cut Tree That's In Good Condition

Most people buy cut trees at a tree lot since they are more affordable, and people often don't have space to add a new tree to the yard every year. A cut tree is just as beautiful and aromatic as a live tree, plus a cut tree can stay indoors all through the season. Just be sure the tree is in good shape when you buy it. Test the needles to make sure they don't snap easily or shake off as that could indicate the tree is too dry. You'll also need to cut the end off the tree before you set it in a stand of water so the tree can pull water into the trunk. The tree lasts much longer and is safer to have in your home if you keep the stand filled with water so the tree doesn't dry out and drop its needles.

Half the fun of getting a real tree is visiting the Christmas tree lot and picking out the prettiest tree you can find. Your kids will enjoy selecting the family tree as you guide them toward the right size. A real tree whether it's alive or cut can make the holiday more festive for everyone. This holiday season, consider visiting a local Christmas tree lot


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