Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Precautions To Help Avoid Scratching Your Copper Kitchen Sink

Ruben Franklin

Getting a copper kitchen sink installed can dramatically change and improve the look of this space. Whether you're matching the sink to some copper pots and pans that you have hanging nearby or the sink will be the only copper element in the kitchen and thus a major focal point, you'll appreciate the look of this fixture as soon as it goes in and in the months and years ahead. For the longevity of the sink, you want it to maintain its original appearance into the future. By nature, copper is a soft metal, which means that you'll need to take a specific approach to maintain your sink. Here are some precautions to take with your copper sink.

Use The Right Cleaner

When you buy your copper sink, the sales rep at the kitchen store will likely suggest a specific type of cleaner. It's easy to disregard this information because you have your own kitchen sink–cleaning approach, but you should definitely pay attention. Abrasive cleaners have the potential of scratching your copper kitchen sink. While they're ideal for getting rid of stubborn stains, they're not ideal when it comes to scrubbing copper. This is especially true if you've opted for a sink with a shiny finish. You want to be sure that the cleaner you use is specifically designed for copper sinks.

Don't Overload It

It can be tempting to fill the sink with water and load a pile of dishes and cutlery into it to soak. This approach can make it easier to wash these items by hand, but it can also increase the risk of scratches on the sink. For example, if you have sharp knives or other cutlery that is pressing against the sink, especially if you're moving them around, you may end up with undesirable scratches on the surface of the sink that reduce its visual appeal.

Be Careful Of Other Substances

You might occasionally find yourself tempted to use a harsh substance such as bleach to clean something and automatically plan to do so in the sink to avoid the bleach damaging anything in your home. Unfortunately, the strength of the bleach has the ability to affect the finish on your copper kitchen sink. If you're going to use bleach to deep clean anything, you should plan to do so in a different sink in your home, such as the laundry sink. Even if doing so is a little inconvenient, you won't risk damage.


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