Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Things To Know About Installing Granite Countertops

Ruben Franklin

Eventually, the time will arrive for you to need to replace your kitchen countertops. While this is an upgrade that is most homeowners will eventually need to make, there are many misunderstandings concerning the various options that can be used for their countertops.

Understand The Limits Of The Granite's Durability

One of the reasons for granite being a popular option for countertops is its durability. It is a very dense stone, and this makes it a very strong material that will be able to withstand the intense use that can be expected in a kitchen. While the stone is dense and very strong, it is also susceptible to some damages. More precisely, granite can be subject to staining. Applying a protective sealant to the stone can greatly enhance its durability against stains as it will help to close the small pores in the granite that can trap pigments. For the best results, you should have the new countertops sealed as soon as they are installed. You may not be able to use the countertops for a day after the sealant is applied, but this is a minor inconvenience for protecting these high-quality countertops from stains.

Be Prepared To Upgrade Or Reinforce Your Counters

Prior to having the granite countertops installed, it can be wise to have the current counters inspected. Due to its density, granite is an extremely heavy stone, and there are some counters that may not be strong enough to effectively support the weight of these countertops. If it is determined that your current counters are too weak for this type of countertop, it may be possible to reinforce the counters so that they can accommodate this weight without you needing to completely replace them.

Keep A Granite Chip Repair Kit In Your Home

Despite being a very durable stone, granite is not indestructible. There will still be chances of it suffering chips and cracks over the time that you own it. Often, these damages are caused by heavy pots and pans falling onto the countertop. While chips and cracks can create minor aesthetic problems for your countertop, it can also create other issues as well. For example, these areas will be weaker than the rest of the countertop, and this could lead to the cracks or chips worsening. Prompt repairs will be required to avoid this outcome, but you may find that this is difficult to do if you lack a repair kit that could be used to seal and reinforce the damaged area of the granite. By keeping a granite chip repair kit in the kitchen, you can act quickly to address these damages whenever they occur.

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Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

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