Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

Home Swimming Pools: A Care and Maintenance Guide

4 Types Of Unique Office Break Room Furniture That Are Ideal For Relaxation & Comfort

Ruben Franklin

On average, an employee spends about 30 minutes each day on a lunch break and then has additional breaks during the day. This is a great time to unwind, relax a little, and prepare for the rest of the work shift. Instead of purchasing a typical table and chairs, you can enhance your break room so that employees have multiple options for relaxing and fully enjoying the time. The following four pieces of office furniture can be added to a break room and really change the way that employees value their free time. When designing the break room, you can use one or more of these designs.

Standing Tables

After sitting all day in the office, some employees may not want to just go and sit some more in the break room. Instead, you can offer them an eating surface where chairs are not required. A standing table allows people to eat and socialize without forcing them to sit. It's a great way to stretch muscles and stay active while on the lunch break. Along with eating, standing tables are great for reading paperwork or using a device like a laptop. The tables can be purchased in both circular and square designs, giving you plenty of options for the space and style you seek in the break room.

Charging Station Bars

A lunch break is often an important time for employees to charge devices like cell phones and tablets. Instead of having everyone huddle around various outlets, you can install a charging station bars. Pressed up against a wall, a bar top area provides the space needed to eat lunch and charge devices. Various outlets can be installed above the bar top, and stools can be provided for the seating. If you have windows in the break room, the bar area is also great for sitting and offering nice views to the outside world.

Lounge Chairs

Provide the ultimate comfort to your employees by placing a few lounge chairs inside of the break room. Lounge chairs have enhancements that are not found in typical office desk chairs. This includes the ability to recline, more padding, and extra features like a built-in vibration massaging element. Not only can employees relax, but it's a great way to enjoy a short nap during a lunch break. A planned 20 minute nap can help make workers alert for the rest of the day and provide the added energy needed to work.

The amount of chairs that you order for the break room depends on the number of employees that you have. You want to have enough chairs so that employees all get a chance to use the chairs if they want to. By cycling different lunch breaks, you can provide opportunities for employees to get the chair.

Gaming Tables

A lot of employers like to add recreational items to the break room. This is a great way to wind down, relax, and bond with other employees in the office. One way to provide multiple types of recreation is with a gaming table.There are a variety of gaming tables you can purchase for the break room. Some of these tables have built-in games like Foosball or a chess board. Other tables have a small lip around the edge so it's easy to use game pieces like dice without them rolling off the table. A number of table designs also feature organizational drawers where board games and pieces can be placed when they are not being used.

Specialty game tables can also be purchased with options like billiards, air hockey, and table tennis. The ability to install these tables really depends on the size of the break room you have available. Along with the specialty table, you should have a standard table and eating area for employees that just want to eat lunch.

It's a good idea to communicate with employees and get opinions on different table designs they are interested in. This can help you decide on the office furniture pieces that you purchase. For more information, you can talk with furniture retailers in your area, like Desks, Inc.


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